How To Create A Rate Class


Rate classes can be viewed as more general way to define the prices for your products as many entities can share the same rate class. For example you could create different rate plans for different types of customers, different rates for different uses, etc. These are the plans that you can assign to your accounts when settings them up, as well as what you can assign to Pricing Plans.



Step 1. Navigate to the Rate Classes management section.

Go to Products > Manage Rate Classes > Rate Classes

This will display the list of existing rate classes. To create a new rate class, click New.


Step 2. Define the details of the Rate Class.

This page allows you to define the details of the new rate class, add products that will be included, as well as the revised rates. Refer to table 1 below for the field definitions when populating the details.


Terms Defined

Table 1
Field Name Description
Name Unique name for the rate class.
Currency Code Specify the currency code that the rate class will use. It is recommended that the products to be included is using the same currency code as the rate class.
Status Indicates if the rate classes is available for use or not.
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