Rating Methods Overview

The advantage of the product catalog of BillingPlatform is the flexibility to create various products that are priced and rated in various ways. From the typical e-commerce store of selling single-charge products, to discount products as well as subscription products, the behavior of the products that you are selling will revolve around the rating methods that you use.

This section explains the different rating methods that are available for use in the system.

Keep in mind that depending on your product and package configurations, you have the ability to change the rating method of your products at different levels namely: Product, Package Product, and Account Product.


Different Rating Methods


One Time Charge - A charge that is rated once. This is typically used for one-time products such as those used in retail/e-commerce sites and one-time charges for special product plans.

Usage - (Default Option) The basic rating method in BillingPlatform. It accepts usage data and rates them per unit charge.

Conditional Product Charge - A charge that is added on top of a product whenever the said product is added to the invoice.



Subscription - Recurring charges that can be added to a customer's invoice during certain configured intervals such as daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Depending on how you would like your subscriptions to appear on an account, there are configuration options to consider.

Variable Interval Subscription - Recurring charge that allows for the definition of a custom interval (in days) other than the ones defined in the Subscription rating method.



Discount - Rating method that reduces the charge(s) to the customer.

Trial - Rating method that overrides the standard price with trial/temporary price.


Surcharges and Fees

Late Fee - A charge that is added to a customer's invoice in the event of delayed payments that is dictated by the payment terms defined for the customer.

Per Invoice - A charge that is generated upon the invoice closing and calculated as invoice grand total amount multiplied by a set percentage.

Tax - A rate that is added either to individual products or on the invoice.



Formula - A customized rating method that allows the definition of a formula for rating usage data.

Parameterized Formula: Formula based rating method that references parameters.



Product Catalog Overview - Rating Methods are used in creating products. For a background on creating your product catalog, refer to this section.


How Tos

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