How To Download The WSDL


Downloading an org's WSDL is a prerequisite to be able to integrate with BillingPlatform's API using SOAP. This WSDL will need to be consumed and integration routines written around it.

The WSDL is updated in real time whenever entities and fields are added as well as modified in the UI. This needs to be considered as a refresh may be needed in the integration routines after downloading the new version of the WSDL.


1. Navigate to the WSDL download page.

Go to Setup > Develop > WSDL. The download page is displayed.

2. Save the WSDL to a local directory/folder.

Click the download link and when prompted, save the WSDL to a local directory or folder.

3. Author the integration routines around the WSDL.

With the new downloaded WSDL, the integration program can now be authored.

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