Dunning Process


The Dunning Process is a feature of the platform to send out payment reminders to customers that have unpaid invoices in the system. This is done by sending correspondence to them referencing the unpaid invoices and unpaid amounts.

The process can be configured in such a way that the frequency and the e-mail template can be configured depending on the notification schedule.

This allows you to create one, or multiple, dunning reminders that will be triggered at different times. For instance, a friendly reminder can be automatically send to the customer after 7 days of unpaid invoices. Then, a 30 days late strict dunning email can be sent. Finally, after 60 days of payment delinquency a strongly worded termination of service dunning email can be sent to the customer.

These dunning intervals and email templates are all easily customizable and can be created in minutes.

For more information on how to customize the dunning process, refer to this link.

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