How To Configure Dunning


Step 1. Navigate to the Dunning Process setup page

Go to Setup > Templates > Dunning. This will bring you to the list of available dunning processes in the system.


Step 2. Open an existing process or create a new one

Click an existing process and click Edit or create a new one by clicking New. The process details page is displayed. The attributes for the process can be filled in.



Field Definition
Dunning Interval Name Unique name for the dunning process.

Status of the process. Available options are:

  1. ACTIVE - Dunning process is available for selection when configuring accounts.
  2. DEACTIVATED - Dunning process is not available for selection when configuring accounts.
  3. DELETED - Dunning process is no longer visible on the UI and will be purged during the next maintenance cycle.
Interval Days Days after invoice closure and approval when the notification will be sent.
Email Template E-mail template that will be used for sending the notification to the e-mail on file of the account/billing profile.

There can be more than one Interval Days and Email Template combinations depending on how many times a notification will be sent.

Click Submit when done to save the dunning process.

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