Setting Up Account Types


This section will show you how to configure Account Types in the system. These types are then used to organize accounts particularly those that need the notion of nesting or what used to be called Account Groups in the older version of BillingPlatform.


Step 1. Access the Account Types Wizard

Go to Setup > Data Management and click Account Type on the tree. This will display the existing account types in the system.

Click Edit beside the existing account type to modify its attributes or click New to create a new account type.

Step 2. Enter the Account Type details.

Click Submit after filling in the details.

Terms Defined

Table 1
Field Name Description
Account Type Unique label for the account type. This is the value that appears in the Account Type dropdown when editing an Account record.
Invoice at this level

This influences the behavior of the account that is assigned the account type. Available values are:

  • Disabled - Billing profile details are hidden and are not required for the account. This also instructs BillingPlatform to not generate invoices against this account. Instead, the platform will go up the account's hierarchy for the first parent account that has this option enabled.
  • Optional - Billing profile details can be configured to be hidden or not when creating the account. the Invoice at this level field is visible in the account creation/edit page if this type if this account type is selected. Depending on the configuration of the account, invoices may or may not be generated for the account.
  • Required - Billing profile is required and will need to be supplied for the account. This also means that invoices will always be generated for the account.
Default Type When checked, this will be the default account type option that is pre-populated in the New account page.
Active Type When checked, this account type is available for use and will appear on the Account Type dropdown field when editing an Account record. Otherwise, this type is not visible.
Description Free text to describe what the account type is meant for.

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