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Tree View is an option that can be configured when dealing with the LIST layout for both system and custom entities in the system. It will allow the list layout to display nested records in a way that can be expanded or collapsed to hide or show details at the desire of the user.

If the Tree View is enabled for the entity's LIST layout, the records are shown in the nested fashion provided the following are true:

  1. The entity is created with a custom field of type LOOKUP to the same entity.
  2. A record's LOOKUP field is referring to another record within the same entity.

A good example of the requirements above is the ACCOUNT entity which has the notion of child records/accounts available out-of-the-box. Since there is virtually no limit to the levels of record nesting, the tree view can display multiple levels if needed.

As seen in the screenshot above, the list can be dynamically modified to change the layout depending on the user's preference at that point in time.

  • Tree View: Provides the ability to quickly see the nested record relationships similar to the folder structure of Windows Explorer. This also allows the nested records to be collapsed/expanded to hide/show more data.
  • List View: This is the legacy method of displaying the records in the entity. Records are listed in a flat layout as what has been the standard in previous versions of BillingPlatform.

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