Payment Forms


The Payment Form is a feature in BillingPlatform that allows the creation of payment pages and displaying them as part of an externally hosted website. This allows payment information to be entered and passed directly into BillingPlatform in cases where PCI Compliance is a requirement and the customer prefers to not have to create PCI-compliant objects and systems for browser-based applications. Instead, the payment information is entered directly into BillingPlatform while providing a seamless experience for the website users.

This allows:

  1. Minimizing of the use of website redirects and allow customers to maintain control of the look and feel of the payment page.
  2. Customers to not worry about PCI compliance by passing the payment information directly into BillingPlatform and not store any of the information in the customer's website.
  3. Automatically populate the pertinent payment fields with data that is available in the customer's billing profile in the platform.


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