4.0 Release Notes


BillingPlatform Workflow provides a powerful yet simple mechanism for adding business logic and action to your custom billing application. Workflow acts like a trigger on selected Entities and provides filters conditions and associated actions that allow you to update fields on the current or related record(s), send emails, and call out to external web services.

Event Level Billing

Get paid faster with Event Level Billing. Configure filters and define events that will automatically group charges, close and send Invoices in Real Time the minute the defined event occurs.

Expanded Product and Packaging Capabilities

Take Products and Packages to the next level with our new product and packaging structure.

Define Products and rating methods independently using advanced attributes for metered and subscription behaviors. Rating methods can be overridden for the same product in different contexts.

Use comprehensive Packaging capabilities to create intelligent product package relationships that allow for minimums, maximums, cross-product tiers and more.


Enjoy flexible contract creation that gives your organization the ability to define the terms, packaging and pricing the way you need to.

Dynamic Product Attributes

Customize Products with the same power built into our customizable data model. Define attributes that can be defined at the product definition level or at the product instance level to capture key product attributes at provisioning, like serial number, username, phone number or anything your company requires to track your products and services. Use instance and global attributes in reporting and pricing formulas.

Recursive Account Hierarchies

Define and view account hierarchies that reflect your customer’s organizational and billing structure. Define account types that allow a more comprehensive account hierarchy in which specific account attributes can be assigned to any custom account type that you define.

Invoicing and Service Provisioning at any Level

Leverage the hierarchy to refine your customer billing capabilities across the enterprise with the ability to define whether each element of the hierarchy is billable. Provide specialized pricing at any level of the account hierarchy independent of invoicing levels.

Customizable Email Templates

Refine your customer communications with customizable email templates that leverage merged fields from any entity in your organization’s data model.

Externalized Branding Capabilities

Now you can develop several different brands yourself with access to your own custom CSS and images. Support multiple brands in your customer portal by assigning custom themes to your online portal users.

Currency Management

Define which currencies you support using a simple setup tool and apply that currency to customers and pricing to support global operations.

Single Sign On

Provide a seamless user experience across multiple applications using SAML 2.0 and OAuth. Configure your BillingPlatform as both a service provider to integrate with your current SSO solution or as an identity provider to manage authentication centrally.

Time Zone Management

Provide the localization setup for your global customers by specifying the time zone in which their invoicing and information is displayed with simple time-zone management and assignment tools.

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