5.0 Release Notes

Time Dependent Pricing

Enhance your ability to proactively schedule pricing changes with unlimited pricing configurations at the default, contract or account level with unlimited, time-based pricing capabilities. The new user interface makes this process easy by allowing you to view and edit pricing schedules in-line from the contract, product, package and account package/product pages.

Rest API

Leverage the power of REST to interact with your billing application remotely and integrate any system with our simple, yet comprehensive REST API. The model reflects the capabilities and methods exposed in the current SOAP API leveraging the simplicity of the light-weight, REST framework.

Query API Method

Build highly efficient integrations with our powerful, SQL-based query language extended to both REST and SOAP API’s. The SQL language has full access to your standard and custom data model and includes full support for parent and child relationships as well as aggregate functions such as COUNT, MIN, MAX, AVG and much more. With the new “query” method you can pull all the data you need related to an entity in a single call without having to use round trips for pulling related parent and child data.

Usage Identifiers

Real-time, event-based invoicing is made even easier with the usage identifier that allows for simplified mapping of usage data to elements of the product and package structure. With usage identifiers you can be sure that your metered data is correctly routed to even the most complex package structure.

Formula Based Rating Enhancements

Formula-based rating is now more robust and easier to configure with these new enhancements. Easily access elements of the data model and select predefined operators and functions with our new formula builder and extended functions and data access.

Discounting Enhancements

You now have more capabilities to define discounting behavior with the new discounting enhancements. Specify how many times a discount can be applied and to which products. Maintain a counter of how many times a given discount was applied as well as itemize the discounting charges so every charge can have a corresponding, discrete discount.

Sharing Groups

Take data and application security to the next level using Sharing Groups. Sharing Groups allow you to limit access to specific records to groups you define based on filters that you define. Users who are assigned to Sharing Groups will be limited to the data defined for that group. Leverage this feature in your customer and partner portals to extend application features without the risk of exposing the wrong information.

External Payment Pages

Incorporate your payment gateway setup and BillingPlatform’s PCI compliance with ease using our configurable Payment Page. Plug the payment page into your corporate site to create a seamless experience for accepting customer payments on-line with this simple, yet flexible tool.

Cascading Fields

Further enhance your user interface with the ability to configure which fields are relevant within a context you define. Base field relevance on other attributes of any record to show or hide these field for display as well as user input.

Enhanced Charge Proration

BillingPlatform now features expanded customization on charge proration.  You are now able to credit and account for recurring charges that have ended before the subscription term has been completed.  This adds much more flexibility to an already robust feature set for your recurring billing scenarios.

Invoice XSL Customization

Take control of your invoice layouts with the ability to refine your invoice’s xml transformations in XSLT. With this new feature you can export the XML for your configured for your invoice template and dial in the page rendering yourself using common XSLT language.

New Field Selection UI

Now integrating data with workflow, reports, invoice templates, email templates and integrations is easier then ever with our new, intelligent field selector. Select core objects and drill down into related objects in a structured and intuitive manner with easy-to-use, guided, point-and-click interface.

Tree View

We have enhanced your ability to view your data and relationships with the tree-view option in all search results with hierarchical relationships. You now have the option to view your results in a “Tree-View” mode that supports roll-up and drill-down features parent and child records.

Preview Cost Before Adding Product

We have extended the API functionality to allow for pricing previews that can run a product and quantity against even the most complex pricing setup and return a preview of the resulting charge for real-time quoting.

Enhanced Usage Identifier Structure

Usage identifiers are further enhanced in 5.0 to better support charge routing for highly complex package structures. This feature extends the usage rating capabilities for even more complex bundling and packaging scenarios.

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