Payment Gateways


Payment gateway integration has been around in the platform since it was first released. Now, the platform allows the dynamic selection of payment gateways to be used for individual accounts for various business reasons such as:

  1. Operating country of the customer does not have a single gateway that can handle all payment types.
  2. Certain gateways only support certain credit card types and as such, the need to have multiple gateways is needed to support more credit card types.
  3. The customer org/instance supports transactions across multiple countries and each country may have a different payment gateway configured.
  4. Serve as a fail-over in case one gateway is down in a particularly country of implementation, payments can be manually made onto a substitute gateway.

The following payment types are supported when working with payment gateways:

  1. Credit card.
  2. Automated Clearing House (ACH). This includes direct debits and direct bank transactions.

Dynamic gateway selection can be made in the following domains in the UI:

  1. As part of the account's billing profile configuration for automated payment capturing purposes (e.g. for subscription products, etc.).
  2. As part of the account ledger where payments can be manually triggered.
  3. Via API field values when triggering manual payments using the web service/API.


In order to use the ability to select a gateway when making payments, the following are needed:

  1. The gateways should have been added into the system via the back-end. This is performed by a BillingPlatform developer.
  2. The underlying integration implementation has been completed for each supported gateway. This again, is performed by a BillingPlatform developer.

Merchant account information has been provided by the customer. This includes both the test and production credentials for use in the sandbox and production instances respectively. This is entered into the system by a BillingPlatform developer.


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