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The Recycle Bin is a staging area for deleted records from various objects in the platform. If the Recycle Bin functionality is enabled for the platform entities, deleted records end up in this area. This will allow the user to undelete/restore deleted records in case they were deleted accidentally.

If a record was deleted from an entity with this feature disabled, it will not land in this area and restoring/undeleting it will no longer be an option.

Enabling The Recycle Bin

Step 1. Select a Custom Entity

Select the entity where the field will be created in by going to Setup > Develop > Entities and then select the desired entity. This is only applicable to custom entities as system entities cannot be updated unless it involves a BillingPlatform developer to perform the work.

Click the entity to open its details page and then click Edit to allow updates.

Step 2. Update The Configuration

As shown in the example above, the two attributes that are relevant to the Recycle Bin feature are highlighted. Update the fields as appropriate using the field definition below as a guide:

Field Description
Enable Recycle Bin This enables the Recycle Bin feature of the entity. When enabled, deleted records land in the bin and can be restored/undeleted at a later time. If disable, rows are permanently deleted.
Recycle Bin Retention Days Indicates how long the platform will keep deleted records in the system before they are purged/permanently deleted. Once they are purged, they can no longer be restored/undeleted.


Save the changes by clicking the Submit button.

Using The Recycle Bin

Step 1. Access The Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin can be accessed from anywhere in the platform by clicking the Recycle Bin icon on the left navigation pane. This will bring up the Recycle Bin and display the records that have been previously deleted.

Step 2. Restore or Permanently Delete Records

Using the search fields to filter the list of deleted records, the user can then tick the checkboxes to select records and click Undelete to restore the records or Permanently Delete to remove them from the system.

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