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Object History is the built in functionality that will automatically store detailed changes made to system records. When configured for an entity, a corresponding object history record will be created and stored for a set period of time.


How to enable Object History for an Entity

The Object History feature can easily be enabled for most entities. Object History can be enabled or disabled for a given entity at any time.


1. Locate the entity

Navigate to the entity for which Object History will be used. Entities can be accessed from the Develop node in the Setup Tab.

2. Edit the entity

From the list, click ‘Edit’ for the entity that will have Object History enabled.

3. Enable History

On the entity edit form click the check-box labeled “Enable History”

4. Specify history duration

Select the number of days the records should remain in the Object History after it is created from the “History Retention Days” field. Leaving the field blank will leave the permanently remove records from the Object History.

5. Save entity

Click the “Submit” button at the top or bottom of the form.

Terms Defined

Field Name Description
Enable History

When selected, this check-box will enable records for the entity to be sent to the Object History when deleted.

History Retention Days

This field defines how long a deleted record from the corresponding entity will remain in the Object History before permanent deletion from the system. Available options are 30, 60 and 90 days.

How To view History

After configuring the History for an entity, a new history record will be created any time a change is made. They are accessible from the detail view of the record.


1. Open history view

History records can be viewed by clicking on the History icon at the top right hand corner of the detail view.

2. Review history list

A popup that contains a list of history records will display.

3. View history record detail

Click on a history record to view it in detail. Changes that have been made will be highlighted in red.

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