Regenerating Charges

There will be instances when existing charges (e.g. subscriptions, one-time charges, etc.) need to be regenerated to account for contract, package, or product rate changes. This is done manually by a user through the platform UI. This will then cause new charges to be added to the customer's open invoice or new invoices will be generated if there are no open ones.

Step 1. Select the Account and navigate to the provisioned Account Package Product or Account Product.

Under the Account tab, select the account you would like to create an Ad-Hoc invoice for, this will display the account details. From there, navigate to either an existing Account Product or Account Package Product, and then select a provisioned record.

Step 2. Regenerate charges

Near the top right under the "Select an Action" dropdown menu and select "Regenerate Charges".

You will then be asked to confirm the operation by showing the customer product record and customer product name. Click Save to proceed with the regeneration.

Step 3. Confirm regenerated charges

When a new set of invoices are generated, the Subscription Charges section of the provisioned account product will contain the list of charges. These can be verified and reviewed that they are now reflecting the correct rate as appropriate.

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