How To Subscribe To Alerts

Subscribing to alerts will allow emails or dashboard entries for the user to be created for certain areas of the platform whenever failures or errors are encountered. See the tutorial below to learn how to subscribe to alerts.

Step 1. Access the Alerts Menu

Access the Alerts menu through Setup > Monitoring > Notifications and Alerts. You will be presented with the list of alerts in your application or a blank list in case there are none defined yet such as the example below:

Step 2. Select An Alert To Subscribe To

Click the desired alert that the user needs to subscribe to. This will bring up the details of the alert such as the example below:

Step 3. Create A Subscription

Click the Subscribers child node on the left navigation pane. This will display the list of subscribers to the previously selected alert, or a blank list if there are no subscribers defined yet. If there is only one subscriber, the details will be immediately opened in view mode.

Click New to create a new subscription. The subscription wizard is then displayed.

Complete the form by referring to the table of fields and definitions below:

Field Name Description
User Select the user that will subscribe to the alert. The user must existing in the application.
Delivery Method

Select the options that the alerts will be presented. Available options are:

  • DISPLAY - Alerts will be displayed on the Alert Dashboard on the UI.
  • EMAIL - Alerts will be sent to the email that is indicated on this subscription.

Details on the email(s) that will receive the alert message. This is only used when the EMAIL option under Delivery Method is selected. Otherwise, the information is not relevant.

Status Indicates if the alert subscription is active or not. Select ACTIVE to enable the alert to be presented for the user or SUSPENDED if the user will not be notified.

Click Submit to save the subscription. Whenever the platform generates alerts for the event, the user will either receive an email or get an alert record on the Home Alert Dashboard or both. 

Step 4. Access Alerts

To access the alerts that the logged in user is subscribed to, navigate to the Alerts dashboard through Home > Home Dashboard > Alerts. A view similar to the example below will be displayed for all alerts that the user is subscribed to:


Platform Alerts - Overview on alerts generated by the platform.

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