How to Activate/Deactivate a Gateway


Gateways are added by a BillingPlatform developer so that it can be referenced and used by the accounts in the org. Once these are created and available, these can be reconfigured depending on the desired behaviors of these gateways. One such behavior is to allow gateways to be activated or deactivated for use in processing supported payments.


Step 1: Access the payment gateway configuration page

Go to Setup > Company Setup > Payment Gateways. This will bring you to the list of configured payment gateways in the org. If only one is available, it will automatically be opened in View mode. Otherwise, select the gateway that will be activated/deactivated.

Step 2: Update the gateway configuration

With the desired gateway opened in View mode, click Edit. This will open the gateway in Edit mode and you can update the configuration as you see fit. To activate or deactivate the gateway, simply select the proper value for the Status field. If there are more than one gateway configured in the system, the next available and ACTIVE gateway will be automatically updated to be the Default gateway in the system.

For more information on the fields on this page, refer to the field definition table below:

Field Description
Ecom Name Name of the payment gateway. This is defined by the platform developer who initially configures the payment gateway. This is displayed for informational purposes only.
Post URL Reference text field on the endpoint that will be used when posting information to the gateway. This is displayed for informational purposes only.
Gateway Type Indicates the type of transactions supported by the gateway. It can contain CREDIT CARD, ACH, or both. This is displayed for informational purposes only.
Status Indicates the status of the gateway.
Default Indicates if the gateway is the system default or not.

Step 3: Save your changes

Click the Submit button to save the changes.

What Happens When Gateways Are Deactivated

The items listed below are the various things that happen in the platform when gateways are deactivated:

  1. Accounts that were configured to use the deactivated gateway will not be updated. Automatic payments are expected to fail but can be reprocessed later on when the gateway is reactivated. Otherwise, these accounts need to be updated manually or by bulk via the bulk load feature of the org.
  2. Deactivated gateways will not be available for selecting when processing manual credit card or ACH payments or when configuring an account when it will be using credit card or ACH as its mode of billing.

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