Maintaining Country Codes


Country codes are used when you start dealing with international rates for your products. The platform has countries defined out of the box but there may be instances where you want to add specific countries or create nested international rates that may include more specific areas such as towns, cities, suburbs, etc. aside from countries.

This section will show you how to maintain the country codes in your platform.


Step 1: Open the list of country codes in the org

Go to Setup > Data Management > Locations. The list of countries/locations will be displayed. To update an existing location, click on the location and click the Edit button.

For the purpose of demonstration, we will create a new country code. Click New to create a new code. The data entry page will be displayed:

Step 2: Populate the country code attributes

Fill in the details of the new country code and then click Submit to save the new code.

Field Definition
Field Description
Parent Location Lookup that will allow you to select a parent code. This is particularly useful when the new code that is being added is supposed to be a subset of a larger code. For instance, adding a city to a country. In this case, the Parent Location can have a country.
Name Unique name of the country code.
Invoice Label Label that will be displayed when the country code is used to rate an invoice detail.
Country Code/Number Dynamic table of identifiers that will activate the country code during rating. You can enter as many unique values as needed.

Nested country codes are easily distinguishable when Tree Mode is selected on the list view such as the example below:

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