How To Change The Default Gateway


Multiple gateways are supported by the platform. For ease of use, a default gateway can be identified so that it will be the gateway that will be preselected when creating new accounts and enabling credit card or ACH billing. Also, the default gateway is also automatically pre-selected when processing manual credit card or ACH payments on the UI.


Step 1: Access the payment gateway configuration page

Go to Setup > Company Setup > Payment Gateways. This will bring you to the list of configured payment gateways in the org. If only one is available, it will automatically be opened in View mode. Otherwise, select the gateway that will be activated/deactivated.

Step 2: Update the gateway configuration

With the desired gateway opened in View mode, click Edit. This will open the gateway in Edit mode and you can update the configuration as you see fit. To activate or deactivate the gateway, tick the Default checkbox to set the gateway as the default.

Step 3: Save your changes

Click the Submit button to save the changes.

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